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Dj with 15yrs experiance



Elvis Presley Tribute Act


for Birmingham and the West Midlands Area by Chris Watts


Chris is a good sound a like of Elvis. He does credit to the King of Rock and Roll, Singing songs from the Elvis's classic catalogue of the 50s, 60s,70s. Everyone can enjoy a night of sing along and dancing.



Elvis tribute is separate from the disco, You can just book a disco on its own. Or you can Just book Elvis tribute on his own.




Chris Watts was brought up on Elvis as the family are avid fans of the King and from a younge age he also showed the love of the man and his music. As a younge teenager he found he had a deep voice which he found he could closely imitate that voice of Elvis's. This led to a deep desire to be able to imitate Elvis Presley on stage and bring the passion,the voice,the excitement and the stage presence that only Elvis himself could bring.



Chris has been an avid Elvis fan and it is his passion and commitment to perform his tribute which reflects in every performance that he gives.



Through watching the great performances, Chris adopts the styles,attitude and passion that Elvis himself brought to the stage.